About us

Our history and company mission

Guabo was founded in 1970 with the aim to provide to customers a global solution of products and services in the branch of blades and tools for gears, and was based on important skills that allowed the company to move closer and closer to the whole metalworking world and to establish itself quickly among the most relevant manufacturers of industrial blades.

Our Customers

Considering a worldwide range of over 1.200 different cutting materials, construction steels, stainless or heat-resistant steels, metal alloys, non-ferrous materials, ceramics or plastic materials, we’recompelled to meet our clients needs, from many a market sector and requiring: dependabilty, quality, precision cutting and as well as specific speed performances.

Steelworks – Machining


Iron and steel centers






Manufacturing and packaging

The position achieved and consolidated within a highly competitive market, in addition to several awards received during the years, are the result of a high level of technology and automation of production processes, together with a continuous technical and qualitative development for tools and services, realized to be always at customers disposal.