Band saw blade since 1970

Started in 1970, Guabo rapidly develops know-how in blade, knives, gear tools manufacturing gaining a space of its own in the cutting sector, thus confi rming its growing competence in the industrial blade manufacturing for metal cutting.
The leader position reached in such a highly competitive market paired with the successes and recognition obtained proceeds from steadily increasing technical as well as quality development of our tools and services to our clients.

Highly qualifi ed staff, state-of-the-art instrumentation, technical consulting to select the most suitable products, is our way to constantly strife to meet Your needs and work requirements.

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Guabo S.r.l.
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40010 - Bentivoglio (BO)
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  • Guabo coolants and lubricants
    Band saw blades since 1970
  • Band saw blades since 1970
    Research, quality, innovation
  • High speed steel blades
    High speed steel blades
  • Hard metal blades
    Hard metal blades
  • Blades designed for every kind of material
    Blades designed for every kind of material
  • Blades designed even for plastic and rubber
    Blades designed even for plastic and rubber
  • Customized technical solutions
    Customized technical solutions
  • Customer care and assistance
    Customer care and assistance
  • Research, quality, innovation
  • Always high performance
    Always high performance